Bending Sickle Community Farm is a small farm located in Munith, MI, focusing on Michigan bred bees, and sustainably raised livestock. Our main focus in breeding and selling honey bee queens, though we have products from our other livestock available from time to time.

Current Offerings

Michigan Raised Honey Bee Queens.


We raise queens only from colonies that have survived 2 Michigan winters, and our drone yards are full of colonies with survivor stock. We monitor for mites, and only breed from colonies that are able to keep varroa mite levels down without the use of chemical treatments.

We start raising queens as soon as we can in the spring (usually mid-May), and stop as soon as it becomes too cool in the fall (usually early September). Queens are $35, and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. To order a queen, please fill out this form. We will contact you as soon as they are available and arrange pick-up or shipment.


Local, raw, unprocessed, delicious, nutritious honey. This last year was a great year for our bees, and our bees gave us a lovely harvest of light summer honey. Honey prices – Quarts ($18), Pints ($10), Half-pints ($6) – discounts available for larger quantities. Send us a message to reserve some honey and arrange a way to pick it up!

Honey Bee Consulting

Single Hive

With over 20 years of experience keeping bees, we want to share our knowledge to help beekeepers and their bees. We are available for individual lessons and inspections, and can assist in everything from basic inspections to splits and nuc making. Please see the consulting price list for details and pricing. Group classes and clinics will be held throughout the season – information will go out over our mailing list, so make sure to sign up!

If you have any questions, send us a message.

We will send out all info on new queens, honey sales, meat sales, and other events through our mailing list. Subscribe to our mailing list.